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صورة murshed

Youcef do you know which brand is this ?

صورة Youcef-M

That specific one is just a pair of glasses with clip on shades. Persol makes one model (I have it) and Garrett Leight. If you want sunglasses that look like that, Dior "so real" collection has one. Warby Parker has two models like that. And if you want something more different, try Illesteva or Gant Gillis if you want a square one

صورة murshed

Thanks! The more circled it is the better it would fit really

صورة murshed

Do you have pics of those ? 😄

صورة Youcef-M

Which brand?

صورة murshed

The ones that look similar to this

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أكتبي @ مع اسم المستخدم لأشراكها في النقاش على الصورة‬ :)